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Cogo + Slack integration

Cogo + Slack

If your team uses Slack, Cogo will be a great supplement to build up a shared knowledge center. When you connect Cogo with Slack, you can log in using Slack, search content using Slack and automatically add content to Cogo by starring items in Slack.


Receive an automatic Slack notification when a new item or collection is created within Cogo.


When you star an item in Slack, the item will automatically be added to Cogo.


You can search the Cogo database from Slack by using the /search-cogo [keywords] command.


Jump directly to the location in your Slack history where the items was posted.


When you enable sign-in with Slack, everyone in your Slack team can access Cogo easily using their Slack accounts.

Coming Soon

Cogo is currently developing integrations with the following systems. Stay tuned! We'll be releasing them soon!

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