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Driving adoption

Do you have trouble driving the adoption BI in your organization??

Most companies nowadays use more than three different BI-solutions. You are probably one of them. We use multiple solutions because there are more solutions on the market today, and every team needs different capabilities.
Some solutions are really good at stable and consistent reporting of well known KPI's (Mode 1) and others good at data discovery and exploration (Mode 2).
However driving adoption and governing multiple solutions is not easy. Cogo creates a beautiful user experience on top of all your BI-solutions with advanced integrations and using embedded analytics. Your users can use and discover all analytics your organization has to offer all within Cogo. They don't even have to know what solutions are used in the background.

The analytics hub for your organization

Integrate & Sync

Cogo syncs and integrates with your BI-solutions such as tableau. This means that your dashboards or reports are available in Cogo with a single click (once configured). Cogo retains the permissions as configured in the BI-solution, so every user can only see the reports and dashboards that they have access to. When dashboards are updated they are automatically updated in Cogo.

Search & Discover

Cogo searches through all metadata and file contents while you are typing, giving instant results. Even if a term is mentioned in a PDF-report, it will surface with Cogo. The sophisticated search engine will also make sure the most relevant results will be listed first.

Social & Communication

Cogo is not just a catalog for your reports. It also offers social and communication functionalities. Users can personalize Cogo by favoriting reports, so they are always at their fingertips. When they have questions about a certain report they can ask a questions in the realtime comments. And you can look at a user's profile to see her contributions.

Enterprise Ready

Cogo is highly customizable. You can easily configure it so matches your organization's look and feel. It also offers bank-level data security, single sign-on and virtual private cloud deployments on Amazon Web Services.
Other features that our clients love about Cogo
Cogo Presentation Mode

Presentation Mode

When you are in a meeting, you can flip to presentation mode with just one click. Presentation mode shows a focussed view of just the content and hides everything that is not relevant.

Cogo Version Control

Version Control

All files and links that are added as attachments within Cogo are version controlled. This means that you can always easily go back to a previous version. For a weekly PDF report you can go back in time and look at older versions.

Cogo Collections


Cogo has a powerfull concept called collections. With collections you can group reports. You can mix different technologies (Tableau, PowerBI, etc...) and you can put a report in multiple collections without needing to copy the report.

Cogo Announcements


To announce visitors of the portal about certain new developments or upcoming maintenance, Cogo provides announcements that are highlighed on the home page of the portal for every visitor.

Integrates with most BI-Solutions on the market
Cogo Integrates with TableauCogo Integrates with PowerBICogo Integrates with GoodDataCogo Integrates with QlikCogo Integrates with MicroStrategyCogo Integrates with LookerCogo Integrates with SAP Business Objects
Other integrations
Cogo integrates with Slack

The missing link in your BI-stack

Beat company silos

Beat company silos

Beat company silos and make BI accessible for everyone in your organization. Users can now have a full overview of what BI/Analytics is available to them.

Increase the ROI of BI

Increase the ROI of BI

BI adoption increases the ROI of BI and increases the objective of becoming an insight driven organization.

Increase Effectiveness

Increase Effectiveness

With Cogo it's easier than ever to adopt new BI-solutions, and make them available in a single place. Users don't need to learn anything new to use new solutions, they just pop up in Cogo. Greatly increasing the effectiveness of adopting new BI-Solutions.

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