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Why Cogo works for Consultancies

Cogo Make great content accessible

Make great content accessible

Make all case studies, demonstrations, point of views, and whitepapers easily accessible and discoverable to your fellow consultants.

Cogo Incentivise knowledge sharing

Incentivise knowledge sharing

Empower everyone to share and retain internal knowledge.

Cogo Search & filter out the best content

Search & filter out the best content

Easily differentiate high quality content from lower quality content (and mechanisms to improve).

Cogo Share & present seamlessly

Share & present seamlessly

Serve as an interface to present selected content to clients without the need to compile everything in a large Powerpoint.

Apply your taxonomy

For consulting companies it’s vital to organize case studies. Most consulting companies use these tag types to organize their content:
  • Mining
  • Financial services
  • Nike
  • Coca Cola
Business area
  • Procurement
  • Supply chain
  • New York
  • London
  • Amsterdam
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With Cogo you can easily apply these tags to all of the case studies.

This allows you to easily filter down to any combination of these tags very easily. Need all case studies in the food and beverage industry that were conducted by the New York office. You can filter down in seconds! After a few examples Cogo will recommend these tags based on the content submitted.

Notable features

Cogo Viewer Mode


Whether you add presentations, documents, spreadsheets, pdfs, links or videos, Cogo has a great viewer for displaying that content directly in Cogo. You can also download the source files.

Cogo Supporting Content

Supporting Content

Add additional supporting content to each item in Cogo, like a user guide or a video, raw data, or links to source files.

Cogo for presentations and workshops

Just one click to transform Cogo into a slick presentation viewer.

If you are setting up a workshop that entails looking at a bunch of different materials – perhaps a few case studies, some videos and an interactive dashboard – Cogo has you covered. You can create a collection that has all the content lined up for your workshop. Just click the present button and you are ready to rumble!

Cogo for presentations and workshops

Build your own content library in minutes.