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Most companies would buy into a single ecosystem for their productivity needs. Pre-cloud tools to communicate and collaborate on files were typically called the intranet. In broad strokes, there are four main jobs to be done in team collaboration:
Tools for:
Used Then:
Used Now:
For Team Communication & Social Network

Confluence, Sharepoint, Lync, Basecamp


Slack, Hipchat, Yammer, Microsoft Teams, Basecamp, Facebook Workplace

For Cloud Storage & Shared Network Drives

Network Drive, Confluence, Sharepoint, Basecamp

Now:, Dropbox, Onedrive, Google Drive

For Workflow & Project Management

Confluence, Sharepoint, Basecamp


Asana, Jiro, Trello

For Content libraries

Confluence, Sharepoint



We moved from a single solution for many different tasks, to cloud tools that do a single job very well and integrate with other services. That's exactly what Cogo aims to be. We are completely focused on enabling the best content library functionality.

Cogo vs Sharepoint
Cogo vs Confluence
Cogo vs Box

Cogo vs. Sharepoint

Sharepoint has almost any feature you can imagine. However, it has become a very complex and clunky product.

Jack of all trades but master of none

Sharepoint offers building blocks. You can use it to build a content library, but it requires a lot of setup and customization by developers, time and time again.

Time to make a move towards cloud apps

Since we all use cloud apps that can easily integrate with each other, we do not need to use one ecosystem anymore. Instead, we can mix and match the best tools together.

All the features… with all the complexity

The customizability means that you almost always need a developer to set up Sharepoint to make it useful for the particular use case. And even then it’s still pretty complex to use, creating a lot of friction to share content.

Build your own content library in minutes.