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Why Cogo is the ideal platform for a BI-Portal

Cogo Catalogue all BI-assets

Catalogue all BI-assets

Cogo can provide a central place where all business intelligence assets are catalogued and found.

Cogo Personalization


With Cogo users have a personalized view of their analytics content, they can star (bookmark) content or curate lists of assets using collections.

Cogo Social


Business users and analytics team members can easily communicate issues or feedback using focussed discussions per analytics asset.

Cogo Integrated with the ecosystem

Integrated with the ecosystem

Using Cogo as an analytics portal is a common use-case, so in Cogo Enterprise we can set up tight integration such as Single-Sign-On and viewer integration.

Structure the BI-Portal using Tags

To make all analytics assets discoverable, it is recommended to apply a taxonomy to the catalogs usings tags. This allows business users to explore what is available in the organization.
  • Sales
  • Supply Chain
  • Executive
  • Finance
  • APAC
  • EMEA
  • Americas
Cogo Recover
With Cogo you can easily drill down to any combination

If you need a an executive dashboard in the americas region, you can easily drill down to this exact combination. You can also mix and match with other filters that are available with Cogo, such as a filter to only select Tableau dashboards.

Notable features

Supporting Content

Supporting Content

Add supporting content to each item in Cogo, like: source data, a user guide, or a video walkthrough. This makes it substantially easier for new users to know their way around the asset, especially if it requires more context to understand the analytic assets.

Integrated viewer

Integrated Viewer

You can view all analytics asset right from within Cogo, whether it is a hosted tableau dashboard, a pdf report, an excel report or a custom dashboard. With Cogo you can even set up Single-Sign-On with these other services (like Tableau), so there is no extra authentication step needed to open and view a dashboard within Cogo.

Presentation mode

Using Cogo in presentations or meetings

If you are ready to present a bunch of analytics content in a presentation Cogo has a special button that enables a focussed presentation mode. The user interface will turn dark and the information is reduced to only the essentials necessary for the presentation. Just click the present button and you are ready to rumble!

Presentation mode

Build your own content library in minutes.